(In order to play the below games, you will need to have Unity installed on your computer. It’s free and available to download here: https://store.unity.com/)

All Alone by Thomas Robson - nominated for a BAFTA Young Game Designers 2018 Award

All Alone by Thomas Robson

All Alone is, in Thomas’s own words: “An atmospheric 2D platformer, exploring the struggles that come with mental illness through metaphors and ambiguity.

“The player must explore a dark forest, suspended in time. In this endeavour, the player must avoid falling into pits of dark mist, avoid enemies, as well as various other hazards. The game consists of 4 levels, each with its own unique design, mechanic, or setting.”

All Alone is played via your computers keyboard.

Coob Dools by Adam Pace - nominated for a BAFTA Young Game Designers 2018 Award

Still from Coob Dolls game by Adam Pace

Adam’s game, Coob Dools, is a fast paced, retro-inspired 2-4 player platform shooter.

Adam said of the game:

“Cool Doobs pits 2-4 players against one another in battle across 4 different levels. Battles are short and fast paced to keep everyone involved.

“Coob Dools was a huge stepping stone for my game development skills. There was an array of different types of graphics needed in Coob Dools and I had to experiment a lot while creating them. I’m really proud of the game’s overall aesthetic.”

Coob Dools needs a controller to play it, we recommend an official Xbox 360 wired controller that plugs into your computer’s USB port.

(Banner image courtesy of: Alex Thursby | Sunderland College)