During the 1st term of the 2018-19 academic year we’ve been lucky to have an array of inspiring and relevant masterclasses delivered across our college network by experienced figures from the industry. In our first term of 2018-19 these included:

VFX 3D Modelling Pipeline with Roo Macneill, 3D Modeler with Framestore

Roo Macneill from Framestore visited our NextGen students at Middlesbrough College and gave an inspiring masterclass on VFX 3D modelling and how it fits into the pipeline.

Roo has a wealth of experience and has worked on films including Avengers: infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok. You can check out his amazing work in his 2018 Demoreel below:






Creating an Impressive Portfolio and Enhancing Your Employability Skills with Syntyche Bio, Recruitment Manager at Framestore

Syntyche Bio visited 2nd year NextGen students at the Sheffield College and gave a masterclass on how to create an impressive portfolio, how to approach employers and gave valuable insights into what employers are looking for when they’re recruiting.

Storyboarding for Animation with Gary Andrews from Ego Trip Media

Gary Andrews from Ego Trip Media for hosting a masterclass on storyboarding for second year NextGen students at Nescot College.

Gary has over 40 years of experience in the animation industry as an animator, designer, storyboard artist and director. Follow Gary to see his Doodleaday and discover more of his amazing work on his website here: www.garyscribbler.co.uk

You can also watch the incredibly poignant film, FOR JOY, that Gary created as a tribute to his late wife Joy, animated in the style of his Doodleaday Diary below.






Lip-syncing for Animation with Will Cook, Animation Director at Blue-Zoo Animation

Will Cook, Animation Director at Blue-Zoo animation, live streamed a masterclass to all our NextGen colleges on lip-syncing for animation using Maya.

Will is Animation Director on some amazing shows including Go Jetters, Numberblocks, Miffy and many other favourites. You can check out Will’s blog for insights into the process behind his work and lots of information about the industry: www.animscrawl.com

Will Cook delivering a masterclass to NextGen students






Grading and Colour Masterclass with VFX industry veteran Ian Murphy

Industry veteran Ian Murphy streamed his Grading and Colour Masterclass to all of our NextGen Colleges. Ian showed how 2D VFX artists work up the grade for their shots, in context and from client review notes.

Students were able to use the same grading techniques used for Hollywood films, gaining a better understanding of how colour is adjusted from shot to shot across a sequence, and what the descriptions of warm and cool colours mean in practice.

Ian Butcher delivering a masterclass to NextGen students






Product Journey for Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier with Gina Jackson, Head of Games at The Imaginarium

Gina visited students at Uxbridge College to share her insights on bringing Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier to market on the PlayStation 4. The talk detailed the process of taking a game from an idea to a fully finished product. Assembling the team, making design choices and learning from mistakes are all key parts of the process.

Green Screen Techniques Masterclass with VFX industry veteran Ian Murphy

Ian  hosted another great masterclass, giving students an overview of the level of work needed to complete a green screen shot in high end VFX studios around the world.

Students were able to experience the main workflow that is used to key actors on greenscreen in film VFX and discovered some of greenscreen compositing's best kept secrets.

Green Screen Techniques Masterclass with VFX industry veteran Ian Murphy