Last year Animation UK carried out vital research highlighting skills gaps, and workforce shortages within UK Animation, entitled: We need to talk about skills

This report, funded by the Animation Skills levy, collects together all current data on skills and employment in the sector. It draws on national data sources, up-to date employer surveys conducted by the UK Screen Alliance and a wide-reaching survey carried out by Animation UK. For the first time it collects together known data on the workforce, highlights range of skills gaps and shortages, and illustrates the fact that Animation is continually under-served by national data sources.

Animation UK will be working with ScreenSkills, Next Generation Academy, Further and Higher Education, and a range of other partners to find solutions.

 Kate O’Connor, Executive Chair, Animation UK, said:

 "It is vital that we develop a real partnership between the industry and education providers to ensure that our young skilled talent directly feeds into and supports the Animation sector in the UK. We have a significant challenge ahead, with a need for careers information and mentors through to developing higher level creative skills and talent and Animation UK will focus its effort on supporting the essential partnership and dialogue between the industry and education"

Phil Attfield, NextGen’s VFX and Animation Partnership Director, commented:

“Forging strategic partnerships and working in alignment isn’t just jargon, it’s how we can all be most effective to produce the desired end results. We all want skilled people, from diverse backgrounds, working in an inclusive environment. Working together is our best shot at effectively addressing the gaps highlighted by Animation UK’s report.”

Download and read the full report: We need to talk about skills

To see a summary of the report's key points, view the infographic below:

We need to talk about skills infographic