We achieve this by working with employers in the games, animation and VFX industries, training providers and industry bodies around the UK. Together we develop nationally recognised qualifications that will support our young people working towards their dream careers.

We believe that vocational learning – working with experts in the relevant fields – is the very best way to learn these fast-moving skills. NextGen has worked with some of the most forward-thinking employers in the industry to develop brand new Apprenticeships, providing an opportunity for students to earn while they learn. They gain valuable experience and contacts, backed with regular study that boosts their skills and knowledge.

NextGen also aims to help the industry grow and encourages new students to join these vibrant industries, by offering short taster courses that give an introduction to their chosen subject. We also offer full-time diplomas that span the games, animation and VFX industries, leading to a wide range of career options. Again these have been developed in partnership with big names across all three industries and include direct contact with employers.

We support the creative digital pioneers of tomorrow. Thanks to our industry partnerships, NextGen Skills Academy learners get to work across the exciting fields of Games, Animation and Visual Effects

We also offer professional development courses to support and mentor those already in an established career, including a programme specially developed to support women already working within these industries but facing career challenges.

In short: we believe passionately that a partnership between employers and training providers works brilliantly, both for students and for the industry itself. Together we can ensure the UK remains top of the tree in these exciting, digital creative fields of games, animation and VFX.