These are fast-moving industries, so we collaborate with industry experts to make sure our industry-relevant vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and short courses for young people are up to date.

These sectors are academically stretching but vocationally focused, which is why employers supported the launch of NextGen and continue to support us.

Our students become the next generation of creators, entering companies with exactly the right skills and knowledge for the workplace. All our courses are practical, applied and relevant, and they include real-world challenges and feedback from industry.

If you're interested in getting into these dynamic digital industries, NextGen is your first stop to find out all about the qualifications you need. We're not a training provider, but we'll direct you to the very best training in the business.

Find a job that you love from the beginning. You don't have to wait till you're in your twenties. And age is no barrier either: you're never too old to change to an exciting new career. 

Julian Cabrera, Managing Director, NextGen Skills Academy

Everyone's a winner. We give learners a flying start to their new career and fill the known skills gaps within the games, animation and VFX industries. We provide employers with talented individuals who will fill crucial jobs and help their businesses grow and succeed on the world stage.

NextGen is industry-led, working with and on behalf of a strong network of cutting-edge UK employers. We write qualifications with them, develop courses and training together and work in partnership to ensure these are relevant and up to date.

We're also passionate about supporting a young people to get into games, animation and VFX. After all, games and films are enjoyed by people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, so why shouldn't the talent behind them be just as diverse as the audience?